Wax Warmer Tips

Less is More! You've probably heard this saying many times. Well, it's true when talking about wax warmers. We often get asked "how long does your wax cubes last?" This is a hard question to answer, as there are many contributing factors. We test all our fragrances using a 25 watt bulb warmer and a tealight warmer. Placement is key. Keep your warmer away from fans and drafts. I used to think it would help circulate the aroma, but that is not the case. I also used to think that I would increase the scent throw by adding additional wax to "old" wax to "freshen it up". That doesn't work. Always empty your wax when the scent has fully evaporated. So we're back to the question "how long does your wax cubes last?" We average approximately 16 hours for two cubes in a 25 watt warmer. Believe it or not, we get an awesome throw from our little tealight warmer. Our wax melts are heavily scented because this particular form of wax will hold more fragrance oil than the candles. So a little goes a long way. Some fragrances are so strong that we have to turn off our electric warmer after an hour or so. Other fragrances are naturally lighter and provide a subtle aroma without "smacking you in the face". We find there are fans of both, so if ever you have questions about strength of a scent, please ask. Fun Fact: You can blend cubes of wax to create a custom scent all your own!! A few to try - Bourbon Barrel & Tobacco Caramel, Pumpkin Soufflé & Cinnamon Spice Vanilla.

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